English Essay : A village

Recently, I visited Adoshi, The village where my uncle lives. The people there are poor and the facilities are not many are found in a city., but village itself is very clean, delightful and beautiful. its is surrounding by many hills, big trees and even forest.

you will have village potter, the blacksmith, the grocer and even the goldsmith. most of the peoples are farmers. They are regularly go to their form for work. On the outskirts of the village, live some half-naked Adivasis. They lives in simple hunts made by bamboos, leaves and grass. They have their won customs, songs and dances and speak a distinct dialect of Marathi. They eat roots and fruits. They have good relationship with the villagers.

Here in the village some of the people have their won land, some work for the local landholders. Life is simple and peaceful. The villagers are easy going and friendly. The is absolutely no pollution here. I cannot believe, sometimes, that there in no noises of buses and cars, motor here.

The best place is the riverside. The village temple and the local panchayat office are the other important place in the village. There are very small school and only 20 child go their. water fall is very important attraction in rainy season. most of the people from city come to village in rainy season for enjoy waterfall.