English Essay : My Father

My father works as a manager in a big company. His name is Mr. Ramdas Sawant. He is tall and strong. he wears spectacles and looks very smarts. He reads newspaper every in the morning. He likes to reading books. Every week he completed one book. He is very good in Mathematics. He can do all the sums in my Math book.

My father is very jolly. He is jolliest when his friends come over. Everyone likes him very much. He knows many people and he always has something nice to say to everyone, even to my friends. My friends like him very much, and laugh and joke with him all the time.

Once I was very ill. I was running a high temperature. daddy was full of care and concern. he didn’t show that he was worried but I knew he was. He really loves me very much. I, too, love him very much.

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29 March 2020